Morroconoil revives, strengthens, conditions hair, and reduces drying time.  Morroconoil has a larger percentage of Argon Oil than any other product on the market, with it's patented formula.  Long lasting shine that will not weigh your hair down.  Keep your colors fresh and bright.
Eclipse Salon Products
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Keune Color Man
Most men prefer their natural color. That’s why Keune developed this unique conditioner formula, so grey hair disappears naturally, in just five minutes. 
Big Sexy 
Give your hair moveable and unbelieveable volume, lift, and hold. Big Sexy products will help keep that long lasting style.  Keep that volume all day.  Try the all new amazing Style Sexy Products!
Mary Kay®
As my customer, you can create your ideal beauty experience. I offer personalized service that fits you. Just tell me if you’d like a one-on-one consultation, a party with friends, a virtual party, makeup tips, skin care advice or free samples. You can always try before you buy. If you prefer to shop online only or order by e-mail or phone, the choice is yours. I’d love to help you with any or all of your beauty needs. Let’s talk!
The perfect defense against dull, dry, discolored, damaged locks caused by malicious minerals hiding in your water, this 100% vegan super shampoo boasts top-notch cleansing capabilities without harsh chemicals or sulfates.  One shampoo of many great vegan products.
Malibu C
Retro My Color
With more than 112 shades.  99% pure high performance color pigments.